If you are like me, you want to grow old and enjoy your “golden years”.  But your health will determine much of the enjoyment you have during those last decades.  As a diabetic I want my last years to be fun and happy and healthy and I’ve set this as my goal.

On this blog site, I plan to share my journey into a delightful and healthy old age with You as a visitor.  Come join me and learn with me as I figure out how to fade into the golden waves of age with



Thanks for looking at my site and coming to this page.  I would love for you to leave any questions or comments below.

– Shirley


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  1. Thanks for sharing your website with us. I”ve had diabetes since I was in my mid-20s. I had since I was 24 going into being 25. I inherited diabetes, it was in my family. I was never a lazy person growing up. I always went out and look for a basketball game. For a who month, I wasn’t feeling well and I was losing weight rapidly. I went to the hospital because I felt that there was something wrong with me. I had to ask the doctor to put me next to a bathroom because I had to use the bathroom every 5 minutes.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog site and for your comment. My diabetes came on gradually, first pre-diabetes and then full diabetes and I had to start using insulins. Being active can certainly help you control your diabetes. Thanks for your comment again and visiting my site. -Shirley

  2. H Shireley,

    Diabetics can come to anyone at any age. I once knew a lady, mid 20’s, who found out she had Diabetics. She was not happy at all and said it was worse than cancer because she would have to grow old with it and live with it her whole.

    A bit dramatic I know but she was really upset. Every time I randomly see her you would not even know there is anything up with her healthy – she is always the picture of vitality.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and I know your work is going to help a great number of people.



    1. Thanks Phillip for checking out my site and for your kind comments. There are many, many diabetics in our society today and the numbers keep growing along with the obesity epidemic. But I believe we can control and even “cure” our diabetes with the proper diet. Thanks again. – shirley

  3. Thanks for sharing your walk, Shirley. Diabetes is a very serious condition, but it can be managed to enable those afflicted with the condition to lead “normal” lives…well…almost!

    I was diagnosed with Type 2 Mellitus (about 24 years ago), and have struggled since. For most of that time, I had great success controlling the condition with diet and exercise only–no meds of any kind. However, about two years ago, I had to go on insulin for the first time. I still take insulin, but my A1C is within a good range, and I am managing.

    I’ll continue to follow your blog for insight and inspiration. Thanks for all.


    1. Joshua, thank you for visiting my blog site and for your comment. I’m glad you have your blood glucose under control. Mine is not very controlled. I take 3 insulins now, a short term, a long term and Trulicity once a week. You are right that this disease can have very serious complications. I’m trying hard to get mine under control. So far, low carb eating and intermitten fasting is the only things that work for me, plus getting rid of carbs and breads. Best wishes and thanks again – Shirley

  4. I’ve been working on reversing my diabetes with lifestyle changes, with holistic health. I’ve recently starting thinking I want to explore fasting, or partial fasting again. I had wonderful results when I was younger. It’s so nice to give the body a chance to rest, to reset itself.

    Now, I’m sure that fasting will be more helpful than ever before. Thanks for your positive, heartening approach to diabetes.

    1. Vance, so right! Unlike many diabetics, I do believe we can cure it – or at least manage it so we have no symptoms or harm to our bodies. Dr. Jason Fung and his book started me on this journey and I’m so happy I found him. – Shirley

  5. Very nice site and you have got so much great info

    It is a very big problem many people face these days
    and the more information we are able to get is go great value

    I have friend who have this problem and I really feel for them!

    Thank you this excellent site and thank you for the work you are doing

    best regards


    1. Paul, you are so right, diabetes and obesity is growing to be an epidemic in our country today. I’m so glad I’ve found out about Intermittent fasting and ketogenic eating to help me with my weight and my diabetes. Its helping me so much, I just want to tell the world and all diabetics they CAN do something for themselves. Thank you for visiting my blog site and your kind comment. – Shirley

  6. The site is great I to have dietbetes I am presently taking metformin 2000MG aday, glipizide 20mg aday gabapentin 2700mg aday and last but not least I do 40units aday of lantus, before being put on insulin my blood sugr was real high at times it was in the 400’s my A1C was at 10.? which was also bad, I was in fear of my organs shutting down and every thing that has to do with dietbetes, thank you for your site

    1. James, thank you for checking out my site and your comment. Yes, diabetes is a total mess for your body. I’m truly working to lose weight and get off my insulins. I was taking 182 units each day until I began my intermittent fasting journey and now I’ve halved that and my morning fasting blood glucose levels are coming down also. I have a lot of information about intermittent fasting and ketogenic eating on another blog site if you want to check it out. It is a support site for those who fast in Arkansas. https://wefastsupportarkansas.com/

  7. My feet went numb and my recent blood work shows I am a diabetic with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. No Insulin but, 6 medications. I’m 53. I’ll check back on your site for any updates or new developments. Thanks Shirley ! All the best and talk to you on the inside.

    1. Thanks Shawn39 for looking at my site. I’ll be posting regularly about my success with Intermittent Fasting. Actually I’m on Day 2 with zero insulin. That’s after 21 days of using IF. Down 14 pounds and I’m going to keep going until I reach my goal weight. Also my neuropathy is better – feet are not so tender. – Shirley

    1. Pat, thank you for visiting my website and for your kind comment. You are so right about everyone needing to learn how to eat for their health. Shirley

  8. Shirley,

    Thanks for sharing your path dealing with health issues. I’ve been fortunate not having diabetes. However many friends do and there life revolves around shots, diet, and constant fear of what is around the corner. Because of your sharing I now have a better understanding of what they are really enduring.

    I understand health issues, mine is Arthritis, maybe not life threaten, but some days the pain is not bearable.

    Took a leap of faith on Jan 13th to see if knee replacement would relief me of some of the pain. I was out shoving snow and working around the house after 4 weeks. So far the results have been good. In fact, I’ve now scheduled to have the other knee replaced in June.

    I need to get the garden in first, then build an outdoor fireplace and get some beer brewed for competition this year or I would have schedule the surgery right after the rehab was completed. If it stops raining here maybe I’ll get all tasks completed before the 23rd of June.

    Wishing your success with your goals here at WA.

    Joe (Old Geezer)

    1. Joe, yes be glad you do not have to deal with diabetes. The pain of arthritis is bad enough and it can be crippling. Glad your knee surgery went so well. I understand about rain – its rained so much around here this month that I’m so tired of dealing with wet and muddy feet (I can’t wear shoes over the bandages on my feet yet and keeping them dry and clean is difficult right now. Beer brewing sounds interesting. I’m not much of a beer drinker, we drink red wine because my dh’s cardiologist wants him to. I remember my mom and dad making homemade wine from our grapevines when I was a kid – didn’t turn out very good. What I’d really like is homemade rootbeer – love rootbeer. Thanks for visiting my website and your comment. Have a great evening. Shirley

  9. Hello Shirley, I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 in 1994, I am 72 years old abd my A1C hovers around 130 with no drugs. I am very careful about what I eat and even indulge in a couple of glasses of red wine sometimes. I wish you success both with your condition as well as with WA

  10. I really enjoyed this site, alot due to its also my field of website. I too have type 2 diabetes and up until now visiting your page all the other info pages I looked at with questions regarding this disease where all so clinical. Thank for for having the courage to allow the public get to know you aand hare your journey!

    1. Thanks Molina for your comment. I’m trying to be very honest and upfront with my experiences and what I’m trying and learning in how to manage my diabetes. I hope my experiences can help others with this disease. Thanks again. Shirley

  11. My grandma has diabetes and it breaks my heart to see how it has affected her. She is such a warm inviting person and to see her quality of life hampered as a result of her diabetes makes me sad. I will be sure to pass this information along!

    1. Jared, thank you for your comment. Yes, diabetes definitely affects your quality of life. Shirley

  12. Shirley,
    Your post is great, my mom contracted old age diabetes at 62. She is now 81 and lives every day with injections. She also has to be so careful what she eats, what she does constantly monitor herself.
    My Dad passed away when I was only 9 from pancreatic cancer and all of my grandparents passed from cancer, so it’s very high in my family.

    Thanks for sharing your story and best of luck with your journey

  13. As having a dad that lost his Pancreas due to pancreatitis in 1996 and he is still going strong at 88.  This information will help me further understand his postition.

    Thanks Shirley

    1. John, thanks for your comment. So you dad has to inject insulin now. Sounds like he is doing well. I hope to get to 88 and still be strong too. Thanks again. Shirley

  14. Hi Shirley, this is the other Alan. We also have diabetes in our family and I am well aware of all the heartache that this terrible disease causes. Loved the article. Take care.

    1. Alan, this has been a work in progress the last couple of days, you may have caught it when I was changing themes.  Shirley