The importance of testing! (free excel spreadsheet)

Importance of Blood Glucose Testing

Image of BG testing, copyright Microsoft.
Image of BG testing, copyright Microsoft.

I know none of us enjoy the finger prick and testing of our blood glucose (BG) levels.  But we should truly be aware that this is very important for keeping this disease under control.

By keeping our BG levels under control, we help lengthen our lives and certainly avoid some of the very serious complications.  Who wants to go blind, lose limbs or go on dialysis? or have to have a liver transplant?

I’ve been told that I need to keep my BG levels between 90 and 180.  I tend to run high, so this takes real work for me to achieve.  My goal is to have my A1C down to the 6’s next time I see my doc.  It was over 9 last time I was him, but I’ve been working on it and I know its coming down.

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