De-Mystifying Colesterol!

Let’s Learn about Cholesterol Together

Every time I go to a doc and have tests, I hear about cholesterol but I’ve never really understood why its so important and how can I make my levels turn into good ones.  So, in educating myself, I have researched it and following is some of the information I have learned.

Image of heartattackvictim, copyright Microsoft.
Image of heartattackvictim, copyright Microsoft.

I’m sure we all have heard that Heart Disease is the number one killer of men and women in the US and in most of the western world.  My own husband has a history of heart disease.  A heart attack in 2006, followed by by-pass surgery and 4 by-passes.  Afterwards, he made some major life-style changes in exercise and diet.  He is doing very well at this point over 14 years later.

Elevated cholesterol is one of the factors in heart disease.  As a diabetic, and obese, I definitely have an interest in preventing heart disease or atherosclerosis. Continue reading “De-Mystifying Colesterol!”