Diabetic Complications -the dreaded foot ulcer!

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

As a diabetic, my greatest fear has been the potential of complications leading to limb amputation. For me, this is the ultimate dread created from my disease.  Thus, I have been very careful to watch my feet and take good care of them by:

  • Daily inspection
  • Daily washing and careful drying
  • Using moisturizer but not between my toes
  • Gentle use of pumice stone to smooth callouses
  • Careful selection of shoes that are not tight, or rub anywhere and I do not wear higher heels at all.
  • Wearing diabetic socks.
  • Careful clipping of nails and care of cuticles.
  • Occasional foot massage to encourage blood flow.
  • Regular foot exercises to encourage blood flow.

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