Experiencing a diabetic low (hypoglycemia)

What a hypoglycemic attack is like?

Many people may wonder (even some new diabetics) what a hypoglycemia attack or a diabetic low  feels like.  I’ve had many of them and while I’ve never been so low as to lose consciousness or require hospitalization, none of them have been any fun.

What is a diabetic “low”?

An image of a blood glucose meter showing 48
An image of a blood glucose meter showing 48

Low blood sugar (glucose) can result from several things:

  • Lack of food
  • Exercising without eating to replace carbs burned
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Medications, even diabetic medications
  • Certain illnesses and disorders

My lows tend to be from not eating enough and then taking my regular insulin injections.  This then brings my blood glucose levels down below 70 on my meter.  Most (actually all of the time) times I can recognize the feelings of my BGL going down and know what is coming.  When that happens, I can check my level earlier and catch it before it gets too low. Continue reading “Experiencing a diabetic low (hypoglycemia)”