Trying the Metabolic Research Center Diet Plan

Metabolic Research Center Program- what is it?

This program has been around for 35 years and touts being a science-based diet program that provides customized meal plans, science-based supplements and lots of support.  They offer consultation, education, guidance, and medical supervision.

All clients of the Metabolic Research Center get a recommended supplement and a set of recipes for their diet program. They suggest exercise but it is not required.

They have locations all over the country – there are 3 centers in Arkansas where I live.  Fortunately, Bentonville MRC is only a few minutes from my home.

Why I Decided to Sign Up

Image of woman holding out loose jeans at the waistI had read and been researching this program for a while now.  It is a form of low-carb dieting which is not too strict and provides lots of support with twice-weekly visits and weighing at the center, food education classes and fitness classes.  They offer a special MRC cookbook, a list of suggestions for staying on the plan when eating out, a line of specific supplements to help support your eating plan and a lot of encouragement and personal support. They also have hormone tests and DNA testing help fit you into a specific eating plan.

I had been reading some of the numerous success stories and how happy their clients are with the program.  Yes, it does cost, but occasionally they have specials.  I signed up during one of these specials and got $100 off the signup fees.  I chose the 17 week program.  They guarantee if I follow the program, I will lose between 2-5 pounds each week.  So that would between 34 and 85 pounds for me.

I must admit the idea of losing up to 85 pounds in a little over 4 months really appealed to me.

My Progress

The first week I was on a “preconditioning plan” where I had a list of meats, veggies (unlimited) and certain fruits and fats to choose from.  I was also told to try and drink 95 oz. of water each day.  The hardest part was drinking that amount of water since I usually do not drink a lot of water because of incontinence issues.  I lost 2 pounds that first week.  For the second week, I was given a new food plan called the Balance level 1 plan.  It consists of 3 meals a day with 3 protein supplements during the day.  I purchased 4 supplements off the plan which I take before each meal.
Image with text "I lost 10 pounds and 9.5 inches on the Metabolic Research Center Program"
The plan provides a list of protein, carbohydrate, and vegetable foods I’m allowed to eat plus a list of dairy and fats and extras to include in my eating.  All of the food on my list is natural and whole – both cooked and raw.  Weirdly, I can eat fruit but not onions.  I love having the natural fruit, but I’m finding I do miss onions.  I’m into week 4 now and getting used to the plan and the water.  Week 2 I lost 3 pounds.  Week 3 I lost 5 pounds and reached my first goal of 10 pounds lost.  I was very happy to reach that goal.  That’s 10 pounds in 26 days for me.  I was very happy to reach that goal and my husband is happy for me to be cooking more vegetables and good meat meals.

I will be following this plan for 119 days.  If I could lose 4.5 pounds every 26 days that would be 45 pounds I can lose.  Maybe more if I can stick with the meal plan, water intake, and supplements.

They also suggest exercise 3x a week but it is not required.  So far I’ve only managed that for one of the weeks.  I’m hoping to do better but I have to be careful because, with my fibromyalgia, it doesn’t take too much for me to overdo and then “Pay” for it the next few days and can’t work out at all.  My plan is to try water walking and exercise 3 times a week.


As for my Diabetes

So far my diabetes has responded somewhat.  I still have high numbers most mornings, but I’m noticing that my numbers after lunch seem to be dropping.  Also, I’m using less of my Novalog (fast acting insulin).  On this plan, I’m eating fewer carbs and especially much less sugar. (no cake, cookies, pies, etc at all).  I’ll be curious to see if my BGL readings go down as I continue to lose weight.


Unique Components

The program consists of:

  • Eating Real Food
  • Personal Coaching
  • Metabolism Boost through specialized supplements
  • DNA Testing


The cost of the plans is several hundred dollars for various lengths 17 weeks, 24 weeks, 6 weeks, etc.  Plus cost of a variety of supplements they suggest individually.  They also include a year of maintenance support after your plan weeks are concluded.


The Metabolic Research Center Program can work but is a little costly (depends on what value you put on your health and appearance).  Costs include:

1. Several hundred for the plan weeks $300-900

2.  Supplements – average $10 each week

3.  A kitchen food scale (a simple one will work fine)  The one I ordered and use is this one:

4.  Cost for gym or exercise equipment (although walking can be your free exercise – since I’m in a wheelchair most of the time, this it out for me).

5.  I have a special water bottle that I use to help me drink my allocated water each day.  It holds 25 ozs of water and I try to drink 4 full bottles each day.  This is the one I use:

6.  A new wardrobe after you lose several sizes – LOL!

You can set up your consultation with a center near you.  Their website is:


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