I’m healed of feet ulcers at last!

Released from care!

Eight days ago I was released as a patient by my wound care doctor.  This ended  an 8-month journey of severe pain, great fear of amputations and searching for correct care-givers.

I can’t explain the sheer joy I’ve felt from being declared “healed” after all this time and all I’ve been through during this period.  But to be sure, I’m very happy to be able to get on with my life.

I’ve learned a lot through this ordeal also, about paying attention to my body, my diet, exercise and who to choose as a care-giver.

My journey started with a red rash that covered both feet, legs, forearms and my tummy.  I first visited my family doctor, who sent me to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with vasculitis and began treatment;  then I visited my hematologist who sent me to yet another dermatologist.  Several months later, now with painful, non-healing, open ulcers on my lower legs and feet and the fear of amputation in my mind, I saw my rheumatologist who advised me to go to a wound care center.

Fortunately, after an emergency room visit because of one of the ulcers tearing open and ER docs also advising me to go to a wound center, I made an appointment with our local wound care clinic and met Dr. Bennett who took over my care, prescribing more prednisone and both medical and surgical debridement of the wounds.

From that appointment forward, I made good progress toward healing.  I had more than 15 ulcers on my feet and legs and one by one, they began to mend together and heal.  My experience with the wound care center was very positive, although I admit the first couple of debridement’s were extremely painful.  But Dr. Bennett did prescribe me pain killers which my dermatologists refused to do.  So finally after months, I was able to sleep at night again instead of spending hours battling the pain of severe neuropathy and praying for God to take me home.

Lessons learned

From this ordeal, I’ve learned to take care of my feet every day, looking for sores and wounds and using lotions to keep them smooth and crack-free.

I’ve also learned that when one doctor is not working for you, don’t just suck it up and stay – find someone that can help.

Also, from now on, I believe in Wound Centers and Clinics.  They are more likely to be up on the latest method to heal nasty wounds.



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– Shirley