Now I understand the debate on using marijuana for pain relief?

Legalization of medical marijuana

That debate for the legalization of medical marijuana has been going on for years and I never really understood it.  I’ve never used recreational drugs and am not in favor of it or anything that messes with your mind.  I don’t want to experience a “high” or be “out of control” of myself in any fashion.  So I haven’t been following the debate very closely and figured I was against it.

But the idea of having something that will help many who live with pain (like our vets and those with chronic illnesses) does strike a cord in my heart.

My mom lived with the daily pain of crippling rheumatoid arthritis for most of her life. I remember hearing her moans and exclamations of “Oh God” and “help me Jesus” coming from her room across the hall from me each night.  And there was nothing I could do to help her.  I also have a brother in law who has to deal with the pain of Lupus in his life. There are friends of mine who also deal with daily pain in their life.

I have fibromyalgia and degenerative discs in my back and use a wheelchair almost all of the day because I can’t walk due to pain in my hips, legs, and back.  I also can’t sleep well because there is no comfortable position I can find in my bed or my recliner.

I move from bed to recliner many times each night and finally fall asleep around 3-4m out of sheer exhaustion.  I awake tried and in pain every morning.

My docs have never responded to my requests for pain pills for relief – just advised me to use Tylenol and Tramadol and the prescribed Cymbalta (which provides a little relief for fibromyalgia, but not enough for me to sleep or do normal daily tasks).  I think they are under pressure to NOT prescribe pain meds due to potential addiction.

My personal feeling is:


“which is worse – pain so severe you are suicidal

or possibly becoming addicted, which is treatable?”


Trying Cannabis Hemp Oil

A few months ago I had ordered some cannabis “hemp oil” to try and a small bottle came in but I set it aside and pretty much forgot about it.  I had been reading about its benefits for cancer patients.  It has no psychotropic effects and a lot of anti-inflammatory benefits.

I was desperate

My personal pain has been on a severe flare-up for the past couple of weeks, such that I was becoming desperate for some relief.  I started taking more extra strength Tylenol and Tramadol each day, but I was afraid to take too much.  I continued to take my one dose of Cymbalta each day.  I even found some leftover pain pills from my husband’s dental implant surgery and took those.  Nothing was helping – I was in severe pain!

I tried stretching my hip muscles (to help any pinched nerves which can cause my sciatica) and taking hot jetted baths in my step-in tub 2-3 times each day.  The stretches were very painful and I dreaded doing them. The baths felt great and relaxed me sometimes enough to sleep a while.  I tried alternating hot and cold on my hips and back (using heating pads and ice packs).  The ice seemed to help just a little.

Finally, I was even thinking that I wished God would just take me home as I was useless and I could really not even concentrate because of the pain.  When my husband would ask me something – I had to stop and think about what he was saying and suck in the pain so I could answer back.  My mind felt fuzzy and I didn’t want to talk or think about anything very hard.

How much does it hurt?

I remembered being in my dermatologist office a few months ago with vasculitis eruptions on my legs and feet that were turning into ulcers.   He asked the standard question “on a scale of 0-10, how much pain are you in right now?”

I thought, “I can’t remember when I had no pain, I hurt all the time – a lot, so what do I tell him?  So.. I just told him 6-8 to say something.  But its true when you have been in daily pain, its hard to remember what it feels like to have no pain at all.

How one little bottle can mean so much

Then I found the little bottle of hemp oil I had purchased months ago and thought

“what the heck, why not try it!”.


My Pain is Gone!

I drank my first dose (15 drops) in a small glass of unsweetened tea.  I used it again later that day and the next morning. On day 2 around mid-day, I went to my recliner and found out I could straighten both legs.  I had not been able to do that in over a year because of the pain running down my left hip and leg.  That was amazing!

I began to use the hemp for pain relief – taking a few drops a few times each day and I’ve found relief that is so amazing.  I can use my walker again and stand up to put clean dishes in the kitchen cabinets.  I feel so good, that things I have been putting off recently I’ve been doing again.  Such as walking a few more steps each day, standing up to unload the dishwasher, etc and getting my own glass from the upper cabinets.  I go to the garage and wipe off my new to me Beetle convertible even.  I’m amazed and so happy. My mind and thoughts feel much clearer and I can sleep many more hours each night now.  I no longer have to request prayer in the middle of the night from friends on Facebook.  I post “happy” and “feeling great” posts instead.

I totally credit the hemp oil and CBD oils I’ve been using for this amazing relief from my pain.  I truly believe the anti-inflammatory and relaxation effects are responsible.  I feel like I have more energy each day.  I’m starting to reduce some of my other meds, like my Cymbalta and my tramadol.


Best Hemp and CBD Oils

My research shows that the following hemp and CBD oil products have great reviews and have seemingly helped many with their pain and better sleep.  Just read some of the testimonials.  The products can be ordered for wholesale prices by just signing up as a customer and then placing your order.

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I have become a believer.  A believer that using hemp for pain relief really helps with my pain and inflammation.  I’m finding that CBD oils will do the same.



I love to receive your comments and questions.  Feel free to leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon. – Shirley

Note: this article includes affiliate links, which if you click on and purchase something, I receive a small commission  – with no increase in cost to you


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16 thoughts on “Now I understand the debate on using marijuana for pain relief?

  1. Hiya Shirley,

    I’m interested in CBD oil as a preventative measure to cancer. 2017 was a rough year for my sweetheart, but she is totally well now… all glory to God!

    Just wondered if you have any solid, trustworthy info on this. Sure would appreciate it!


    1. Randy, I’m an independent associate for CTFO CBD products. They have helped me with my pain and I found this link you might want to listen to., its from a call with a special story of a cancer survivor. You can purchase CTFO products from my website and also sign up to be an independent associate yourself if you are interested at this link:
      Thank you for reading my post and your comment. I hope you find some value. – Thanks. – shirley

  2. I used CBD oil because I heard of all the health benefits. I personally could not tell that it made a difference for me. But I do work in a clinical laboratory so I drug tested myself. As the oil advertised it does not show up possitive on a drug test. I wasn’t taking a large dose only a few ml a day.

  3. I am glad to hear that you found some relief by using the CBD oil. The old school days of “bad pot in any form” are quickly disappearing, and with the advancements in study of CBD oil, I an sure in time it will be just as common as Tylenol!!

    1. Brad, thanks for reading my article and your comment. Yes, I have certainly achieved relief with hemp oil use. I am now totally for using medical marijuna for pain relief and inflammation. The relief I have felt is like a miracle. Thanks for your comment. – Shirley

  4. Wow, I didn’t know that hemp oil can be used as a pain reliever. I’m glad you were able to find some relief. I think lots of others who are having such pains, will appreciate this article very much.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, it was very informative.

    1. Emonne, thanks for reading my article and your kind comment. I was certainly surprised myself but joyful to have the pain gone. I hope many with chronic pain will read my post and try the hemp oil. When you have endured chronic pain for years, this is so wonderful to fell no pain. I’m thanking God for this discovery. – Shirley

  5. Thanks for this hands-on experience with hemp.
    As a pharmacist I have witnessed closely the march of cannabis during the last months. As you pointed out quite correctly, patients suffering from pain can benefit tremendously from its effects. It’s time to get the old prejudices out of our heads.

    1. Felix, thanks so much for visiting my site, reading my article and your comment. Its nice to know as a pharmacist you are seeing this help people with their pain also. I know I’m sure that it helped me. Thanks again for your comment – shirley

  6. Great information. I wonder, does the hemp oil show up in urine tests like marijuana does? My husband suffers from terrible and chronic migraine pain. He has a CDL for work, so he is subject to random testing. We live in a state where weed is fully legal, but the CDL is handled federally and they still haven’t accepted the legalization. I am so glad you found some relief. If you or anyone else know if it shows up in urine tests it could help me greatly. Thank You.

  7. I’m so happy you were able to find some relief! My Mother has recently become more open to using hemp oil for pain relief as well, I only hope she experiences the same relief. I’m a huge proponent of researching things for yourself and making informed decisions. I hope your research doesn’t stop with hemp oil, medical marijuana has been known to improve the quality of life for people with PTSD and anxiety disorders as well!

    1. Thank you Khiori for reading my post and your comment. I will soon be researching more about CBD oil and writing about what I find out. No, my research will not stop. I want to get out of my wheelchair permanently and not have to worry about pain again. Thanks again for your comment. – shirley

  8. Yep, I am hearing more and more how CBD oil can help alleviate many health issues. More and more health care professionals are seeing the benefits of it as well, and that’s all to the good. I’m glad that hemp oil has worked for you.

    1. Hi Donna, thanks for visiting my website and reading my article, as well as your comment. I know I have become a believer in the pain relief from hemp oil. I’m going to be researching and try CBD oil too. Thanks again – Shirley

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