The Power of NO!

What do I Mean by the Power of NO?

Image of heart attack victim, copyright Microsoft.
Image of heart attack victim, copyright Microsoft.

This week I have been reading and researching NO. I’m not talking about the word “NO,” but the molecule NO (made up of one atom of Nitrogen and one atom of Oxygen). I’m talking about “nitric oxide.” I’ve been learning about NO from reading various articles on the WWW and also the book “The Nitric Oxide (NO) Solution” by Dr. Nathan Bryan of the Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine, School of Medicine, and University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

Dr. Bryan’s research is directed to understanding the interactions of exogenous dietary nitrate/nitrite on the endogenous NO/cGMP pathway and how perturbations (agitations) in each system affect cardiovascular health. The other authors are Dr. Janet Zand and Bill Gottlieb.



I’ve been learning that NO or nitrate oxide can do many helpful things in our bodies such as:

  • Help prevent high blood pressure,

  • Help keep our arteries young and more flexible,

  • Help slow or even reverse the buildup of plaque in our arteries and stop the formation of blood clots,

  • Help lower cholesterol,

  • Help reduce the risk of diabetes and its complications,

  • Help limit swelling and pain of arthritis,

  • Help reverse erectile dysfunction,

  • Help reduce the inflammation of asthma,

  • Help protect our bones from osteoporosis,

  • Help the immune system in killing bacteria,

  • Help skin damage from sun exposure,

And basically help our overall health, especially that of our arteries and cardiovascular system.

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