Would you Like to Reduce your Medication – Maybe come off it entirely?

Leo Ford – His Story

My name is Catherine and my husband Leo is shown below in this blog post about his story

Leo was born just after the Second World War when life was very different to today. He was born in London England and there was still rationing after the Second World War. Sugar was the last thing to come off rationing and that was not until 1955.

Image of Catherine and Leo Ford
Image of Catherine and Leo Ford

So when he went to school in 1952 all of the children were stick thin. There were no processed foods and very few chocolates, cookies or cakes. Also in those days there were very few cars and everyone walked everywhere. So we can say his lifestyle and his diet defined his size and his health.

In that respect (being stick thin) he was like his peers, in another respect he was very different – he came from a family of diabetics. His mother was a diabetic as were most of her family members. Diabetes is not always genetic, but when over 80% of your maternal family are diabetic it is not random.

He was not himself a diabetic that is until he went for a routine blood test when he was 60, probably the first visit to a doctor in 30 years. Continue reading “Would you Like to Reduce your Medication – Maybe come off it entirely?”