Exercise for the Non-walking Diabetic

Getting rid of that Leaned over Humped Back Stance

Image of Yoga pose, copyright Microsoft
Image of Yoga pose, copyright Microsoft

Hi there, this is Shirley and I’m back to talk with you about exercise today. Since I’m in a wheelchair a lot of the time, I find that getting any kind of exercise is pretty difficult.
But I do try to get some in. I especially enjoy water aerobic when I can find a pool open.   With the deteriorating discs in my lower back, I can only walk a few steps before I begin to feel a tremendous pressure in my low back area. If I keep walking, it turns into pain and sciatica down my legs. I have to find a place to sit or at least lean against and bend over to relieve the pressure for a minute. I’ll use my cane if I don’t have to walk too far and that helps a little.

However, I’ve found that since I sit so much, either in my wheelchair or a desk chair at the computer, when I try to stand up, I can’t seem to straighten out and I walk like a little old lady, all bent over. Continue reading “Exercise for the Non-walking Diabetic”