Started my own personal “Biggest Loser” program today

Losing that body fat


Image of fat woman working out
Image of fat woman working out, copyright Microsoft

My friends in my water aerobic class have been debating what to do exercise-wise when we can no longer go to the outdoor pool.  That day is pretty much here unless we get some very warm weather next week.  We all dread stopping for the winter and getting all out of shape again, losing what ground we had gained since June.  Several of us, plus our instructor,  have decided to have our own “Biggest Loser” program.

Today each of us weighed in and got our body fat percentages logged. We are going through October up to Thanksgiving to see who can lose the most body body fat percentage.  Of course I was one of the worst with a body fat percent of 49.

We worked out at the gym for an hour doing some cardio (I rode the recumbent bike while they did step aerobics) and some sitting weight lifting.  Some of us also stayed for a 30 minute “ab” workout in a chair and on the floor.

I was pretty tired afterwards and figure I’ll be sore tonight, but I’m going to do this 3x/week now and water aerobics whenever I can get to an indoor pool this fall/winter.  I’m hoping to really build some muscle and get that body fat down.  Hopefully next spring I’ll be posting a new “skinny” picture of me.


Diet Matters

Image of fruits and veggies, copyright Micrsoft
Image of fruits and veggies, copyright Micrsoft

We are also working on our diet by learning more about nutrition from our instructor and sharing recipes.  This week we discussed the benefits of coconut oil  (to battle insulin resistance, the bad LDL at, and how it may help prevent brain degeneration).  So I’m using much more coconut oil in my foods and eating a few tablespoons a day.

Coconut oil is a good for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties as well as for heart health, skin and hair health, weight loss, immunity and other health issues.  Here’s a good article to read:

I have also begun the habit of “oil pulling” or “swishing” coconut oil in my mouth, swishing it  around my mouth and between my teeth for as long as I can, not swallowing it, but spitting it out into the trash and rinsing my mouth afterwards.  Read about this mouth cleansing method here:



Thanks for looking at my site and coming to this page.  I would love for you to leave any questions or comments below.

– Shirley

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