My Lab Report/A1c level

Latest Lab Report

I received my latest lab report from my endocrinologist (diabetes doc) today.  As I suspected, it was not so great.  I knew my BG (blood glucose)  had been out of control before I saw him last and I was correct.  My A1c (glucose attached to red blood cells) was 9.1 with my average glucose level of 219.8.  Last December 2nd my average A1c  was between 6-6.5 (much better than later this year).

An average A1c for a normal person is between 4-6.  Diabetics should really work to get their average below 7.  Continued high BG levels make complications such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, vision and feet issues much more likely to occur.  I certainly don’t want any of those issues. Continue reading “My Lab Report/A1c level”