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Latest Lab Report

I received my latest lab report from my endocrinologist (diabetes doc) today.  As I suspected, it was not so great.  I knew my BG (blood glucose)  had been out of control before I saw him last and I was correct.  My A1c (glucose attached to red blood cells) was 9.1 with my average glucose level of 219.8.  Last December 2nd my average A1c  was between 6-6.5 (much better than later this year).

An average A1c for a normal person is between 4-6.  Diabetics should really work to get their average below 7.  Continued high BG levels make complications such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, vision and feet issues much more likely to occur.  I certainly don’t want any of those issues.

HbA1c eAG (estimated average glucose)
(%) (mmol/mol)[25] (mmol/L) (mg/dL)
5 31 5.4 (4.2–6.7) 97 (76–120)
6 42 7.0 (5.5–8.5) 126 (100–152)
7 53 8.6 (6.8–10.3) 154 (123–185)
8 64 10.2 (8.1–12.1) 183 (147–217)
9 75 11.8 (9.4–13.9) 212 (170–249)
10 86 13.4 (10.7–15.7) 240 (193–282)
11 97 14.9 (12.0–17.5) 269 (217–314)
12 108 16.5 (13.3–19.3) 298 (240–347)
13 119 18.1 (15–21) 326 (260–380)
14 130 19.7 (16–23) 355 (290–410)
15 140 21.3 (17–25) 384 (310–440)
16 151 22.9 (19–26) 413 (330–480)
17 162 24.5 (20–28) 441 (460–510)
18 173 26.1 (21–30) 470 (380–540)
19 184 27.7 (23–32) 499 (410–570)


However, I began changing my eating habits right after that visit on September 4 and began my liver cleanse diet a week ago on September 19th.  My next appointment is in December.  I hope to have a total reverse of my numbers and be down to the 6’s by then as well as have lost about 10-15 pounds.

My sodium was low also at 133 (normal is 137-145).  Low sodium is called hyponatremia and can cause several different issues, especially in older adults.  It means I have too much water in my blood compared to the amount of sodium.  Kidney failure and heart failure can have these symptoms as well as thyroid issues.  I never add additional salt to my foods and I know I have a nodule on my thyroid that I will have an ultrasound on at my next visit.  I also never add additional salt to my foods.  Maybe I’ll find out something then.

My lipid panel shows my overall cholesterol at 182 (below normal), Trig high at 153, HDL (good cholesterol)  at 35.5 (ok) and LDL (bad cholesterol) at 115.9(ok), but making my ratio of good to bad not so hot.

All of these numbers (except maybe the low sodium) should be much better at my next appointment in December.

I’m truly looking forward to seeing what my next lab report shows.  Weird huh, to actually look forward to a needle stick!

In my next post I’ll be talking about colesterol and what makes it good or bad.


Thanks for looking at my site and coming to this page. I would love for you to leave any questions or comments below.  In addition, I’m open to new topics to research and comment on as they pertain to my own health and experience living with diabetes.  Please share your interests and questions in your comments.  I also love to hear others stories about how they handle their own diabetes issues.

– Shirley


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5 thoughts on “My Lab Report/A1c level

  1. Hi Shirley, There is nothing like a bad lab report to shake up our eating habits. I am not diabetic yet but am prediabetic. Sometimes I do pretty good but other times I don’t. This is a much needed site. There are lots of sites with technical  stuff on them but yours is more personal. I will be following your progress. Take care.

    1. Glenda, thanks for commenting. I was once pre-diabetic also and didn’t change my habits, so now I have this killer disease and I’m determined that it is not what’s going to kill me in the end. I want to die of old age, not a stroke, heart attack or have to live with pieces of me chopped off. Now is the time to take control and responsibility and I’m going to do that. Come back to this blog in a year and I hope you will see a picture of the new “skinnier” me and a much healthier one also. Shirley

  2. Hey Shirley, im glad to hear you’re working to get it all under control. Why not try adding a little himalayan salt or celtic sea salt to your diet? Table salt, or sodium chloride is not so great, but himalayan salt is naturally occuring and full of other minerals. May be a good way to boost your levels? Just a thought. Good luck!

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