Finding the “Fountain of Youth”

Fountain of Youth

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Yes, I know everyone seeks to find the proverbial “Fountain of Youth” and researchers have worked long and spent lifetimes researching what can extend our lives.  I was reading recently that some researchers think they have found something like that.

The following are some of the articles I’ve been reading online:

I do take a couple of the supplements referenced in those articles:



Over a month ago I read an article about another study which showed anti-aging benefits from some additional supplements


NAD or Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a coenzyme that is necessary to the mitochondria in our cells. Mitochondria  are often called “the powerhouse of the cell.”  And the mitochondria rely on an external power source to keep them charged. NAD is that source.  As we age we produce less and less of NAD and as a result, our cells do not function as well as they should.

I also read these articles about the product Niagen and I ordered some Tru Niagen from Amazon.

Try Tru Niagen

I also found and read another article (link below) which touted the benefits of NAD and pterostilbene, I searched for the Elysium Health Basis mentioned in the article on Amazon and was taken to the Tru Niagen product which I purchased.

In addition, I ordered a product called Pterostilbene 100mg Capsules, Try it:


My Results

When both products came in about two weeks ago, I began taking them as indicated on the directions.

I have to admit and agree that my energy level has drastically improved since I began taking these new supplements.  I find I sleep longer periods at a time too (I have a history of insomnia and sleeping only 3-4 hours each night, but now I’m sleeping 6-7 hours – AWESOME FOR ME!  In addition, I find that I can work at my desk many more hours each day.  I read many of the reviews on Amazon before ordering these supplements and found that lots of reviewers indicated they had a great deal more energy.  I have reordered another months supply of both of these supplements and will continue using them to see what happens.  Both have no record of any side effects.


I welcome any questions or comments, and I will be sure to respond to your comments and questions.  Please leave them in the form below. Also please share this post with your friends who may be interested also.

Note: AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE.  You may see links to various products or services in pages or posts in this website.  These links are affiliate links and I may receive a small commission if you purchase through them.  There is no additional cost to you.    Thanks. – Shirley



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10 thoughts on “Finding the “Fountain of Youth”

  1. Hi Shirley, I am very pleased to read you are doing so much better since you discovered Niagen. Is a kind of vicious circle you are in when you do not sleep well. Sleeping well does help resolve health issues too. I have a website (in Dutch) about superfood and health too. I know about which effect the wrong food can have on our bodies. When they would invent sugar nowadays, I am pretty sure it would be on the list of forbidden foods of the WHO.

    Wishing you all the best.
    Kind regards, Loes

    1. Hi Loes, thanks for reading my article and your comment. Yes, overuse of sugar in processed foods should be banned. Sugar is a killer. Yeah, I’m really glad to be getting sleep for a change. I feel so much more energetic and actually look forward every evening to getting up the next day and working on my blog sites. I don’t exactly jump out of bed (I can’t do that), but I don’t delay and delay like I was doing. My brain is clearer and functioning better too. Thanks for your comment – shirley

  2. I could sure use some of that energy and the fountain of youth. I am going to check into these supplements, and I might order them for myself. Anything that helps slow the aging process, gives me more energy, and to sleep better is worth it! Great information!

    1. I’m definitely interested in anti-aging supplements. I’m 64 and have some health issues, so I’m working on losing weight, controlling my diabetes, enhancing my brain functions. I have family with signs of dementia and I’m learning to dread that for myself – looking for natural to prevent that from happening to me. Thanks for your comment and have a great day – shirley

  3. Supplements seems good as per your experiences and real results. I think with disciplined diet and moderate physical activity, it can be good to improve health)

    1. Ganesh, thanks for visiting my site and your comment. I’m trying to be very responsible in researching the new supplements I’m taking. I take other prescription meds so I definitely do not want any bad interactions. My energy level is definitely up since I began these supplements. Thanks again for your comment -Shirley

  4. I guess when we reach a certain age, we are constantly searching for the ‘fountain of youth’, whether this be in a pill or supplement. I’m a great believer that a healthy diet, regular exercise and a positive outlook in life can also help to achieve this.
    It’s great that the supplements have worked for you, especially as it’s only been 2 weeks. I’m always on the search for something that can help with my insomnia, so will bookmark this.

    1. Teresa, thanks for visiting my site and your comment. Yes, the supplements do seem to work for me. I’ve had sleeping issues for years, some just because I can’t get comfortable because of pain in my back and hips. I still tend to sleep in my bed for a few hours, wake up hurting and then move to my recliner which is a massage, heated one. I usually spend the rest of the night there because I dont’ seem to have as much pressure on my bad hip and back. Thanks for the comment again. – Shirley

  5. Hi Shirley, interesting article. Were you taking any supplements before starting on this one? I’m interested to find out more about this product, and whether the energy boost you received after trying it was different from other products you tried. Thanks for sharing, Cheers, Karen htps://

    1. Hi KD, thanks for visiting my site and your comment. I was taking CoQ10 and Fish oils. I’ve had issues with low energy and being tired for a long time. Also with insomnia. I do say that I have felt more energetic and have slept better since starting the Tru Niagen and the Pterostilbene. I hope it keeps up. Thanks for your comment again. – shirley

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