Let’s Check Out the Whole30 Plan

When I Decided to Eat the Whole30 Way During 2016

An image of a plate of green beans wrapped with bacon.
An image of a plate of green beans wrapped with bacon.

Recently, I’ve been reading more posts in the various groups I frequent about those who have decided to change to the whole30 way of eating.  This is certainly a change I can agree with and I must say that I decided to eat this way during 2016 and I lost 30 pounds that year which I attribute to the Whole30 way of eating.

What is Whole30?

Whole30 is a clean-eating plan created by Dallas and Melisssa Hartwig which is based on an initial 30-day nutrition plan that emphasizes healthy, whole foods and getting rid of foods that tend to cause negative health issues in people.

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The Body is Simply Amazing!

Our Bodies are Amazing

Image of scale showing weight of 228.4
Image of scale showing weight of 228.4

That was my thought as I got on the scale and weighed this morning.  The scale displayed the number 228.4.  I was amazed because yesterday was a day I ate a lot.  I had two meals (my Break Fast meeting with the support group and then two servings of crockpot pork tenderloin and veggies which included Irish potatoes and carrots) and then I binged on chocolate.  I rarely do that, but I was feeling low, had a stuffy nose and my hip was hurting and I was alone most of the day.  I found my husband’s stash of little chocolates and succumbed to the temptation – twice actually.  I probably had 20 of his mini Hershey dark chocolate bars.  Then I threw the wrappers deep into the trash bin.

Needless to say, my fasting BGL was 361 this morning, so I definitely dosed myself with Novalog.  But I am still amazed at the 228 pounds since I’ve been pretty stalled at over 230 pounds for a while.  Maybe my body needed a binge day.  I had set my next weight goal at 220 and it had looked very bleak at reaching that number for a month and a half now.  But today is a full fasting day for me and I’m assuming tomorrow’s number on the scale will be less that 228.4.  Maybe I’m going to reach 220 after all.  I’m going to drink lots of water to help my body purge toxins today. Continue reading “The Body is Simply Amazing!”