De-Mystifying Colesterol!

Let’s Learn about Cholesterol Together

Every time I go to a doc and have tests, I hear about cholesterol but I’ve never really understood why its so important and how can I make my levels turn into good ones.  So, in educating myself, I have researched it and following is some of the information I have learned.

Image of heartattackvictim, copyright Microsoft.
Image of heartattackvictim, copyright Microsoft.

I’m sure we all have heard that Heart Disease is the number one killer of men and women in the US and in most of the western world.  My own husband has a history of heart disease.  A heart attack in 2006, followed by by-pass surgery and 4 by-passes.  Afterwards, he made some major life-style changes in exercise and diet.  He is doing very well at this point over 14 years later.

Elevated cholesterol is one of the factors in heart disease.  As a diabetic, and obese, I definitely have an interest in preventing heart disease or atherosclerosis. Continue reading “De-Mystifying Colesterol!”

My Lab Report/A1c level

Latest Lab Report

I received my latest lab report from my endocrinologist (diabetes doc) today.  As I suspected, it was not so great.  I knew my BG (blood glucose)  had been out of control before I saw him last and I was correct.  My A1c (glucose attached to red blood cells) was 9.1 with my average glucose level of 219.8.  Last December 2nd my average A1c  was between 6-6.5 (much better than later this year).

An average A1c for a normal person is between 4-6.  Diabetics should really work to get their average below 7.  Continued high BG levels make complications such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, vision and feet issues much more likely to occur.  I certainly don’t want any of those issues. Continue reading “My Lab Report/A1c level”

Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Its the Apples Dummy!

We have all hear the saying:

An Apple a day Keeps the Doctor Away”


Well instead of an apple a day, I take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (ACV) before a large meal.  The pectin in apples is an insoluble fiber that induces a feeling of fullness.  Apple Cider Vinegar does this also.  By drinking water with a couple of tablespoons of ACV, I can get a feeling of fullness from the fiber.  It also helps me to not binge eat at night – a failing of mine when I get too hungry. Continue reading “Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day Keeps the Doctor Away”

Why I eat Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Has Had a Bad Rap!

Yes coconut oil is a saturated fat, which is bad, right? Not always.  In the case of coconut oil, the saturated fat takes the form of lauric acid, which is a medium-chain fat that metabolizes more easily into energy and does not store as fat.

Image of coconut, copyright Microsoft.
Image of coconut, copyright Microsoft.

As for coconut oil being a saturated fat; all saturated fats are not equal.  Some saturated fats like coconut oil are found naturally while others are manipulated into a saturated state through hydrogenation.  This is a process where hydrogen atoms are added to the oil to arrive at the end product which is a thick, rancid oil that has a longer shelf life.  They are sometimes called trans fats.

Coconut oil is powerful because of its lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids.

The composition of coconut oil elevates the LDL levels and prevents atherosclerosis.  This helps repair slow neural pathways and can improve cognitive functions and memory. Continue reading “Why I eat Coconut Oil”

Obsessed with my Liver!

Here I go again about the liver!

Image of liver in body
Image of liver in body, copyright Microsoft

I might seem to be somewhat obsessed about my liver (lol!) but the more I read, the more I become concerned about my “Fatty Liver Disease”.  According Dr. Sandra Cabot, fatty Liver can:

  • Ruin your health
  • Make you overweight
  • Stop you from losing weight
  • Make you diabetic
  • Cause cirrhosis and liver failure.

Well, folks, I don’t have good health, I’m extremely overweight with a BMI of 49, its almost impossible for me to lose weight, I’m already diabetic, and while I do not have cirrhosis or liver failure – that’s in my future if I don’t do something about it.  We only have one liver and when it fails, the only solution is a liver transplant.  I certainly do not want to come to that stage. Continue reading “Obsessed with my Liver!”

Sleep and Weight Loss

We need our Beauty Sleep

Image of Woman Sleeping
Image of Woman Sleeping, copyright Microsoft


As a prolific reader, I’m always reading something, especially about health.  Last week I was reading an eBook called “Lights Out – Sleep, Sugar and Survival.”

I learned I really need to turn off all lights when I sleep (I have a bad habit of falling asleep with the light on).  The book said we really need a little more than 9 hours of sleep per night.  Well, I get no where near that, probably averaging 4 hours each night.  The authors state:


“The disastrous slide in the health of the American people corresponds to the increase in light-generating night activities and the carbohydrate consumption that follows.”

Continue reading “Sleep and Weight Loss”