A Keto Asian Salad Recipe – Guest Post

Keto Asian Salad

My name is Shirley Dawson, and I’m writing this guest post for Jasmine, the author/creator of the AsianFruitWorld.com blog site.

I have been a type 2 diabetic for years, beginning my treatment with metformin tablets and then eventually requiring insulin injections.  I have learned that I can control my blood glucose levels to a great extent with my diet.  As part of my changing WOE (way of eating), I’ve turned to whole, less processed foods.  I shop around the edges of the supermarket in the produce and meat areas.  I enjoy using healthy, even organic produce in my meal preparation. I tend to eat and love great salads.  In addition, I try to eat low-carb to reduce the carb effect on my body’s blood glucose levels.

During 2016 I ate a “whole30” style diet and lost 30 pounds.  I’m continuing eating low-carb during 2017 and I’m losing even more weight.  I can happily eat a salad every day and I’m even creating my own salad cookbook “Salads to Live For” which I hope to publish some day. Continue reading “A Keto Asian Salad Recipe – Guest Post”

Product Review – “Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking” cookbook

My Review of “Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking” cookbook

This book is the first ketogenic cookbook I have purchased in hard cover.  I have googled and found different keto recipes online but never purchased a full cookbook before.  However I’m really glad I got this one and got it in hard copy form.  I am overweight (to the point of obesity) and a type 2 diabetic with metabolic issues.  I also have fibromyalgia and spinal disc degeneration and use a wheelchair most of the time. (so exercise is pretty much out except for swimming).

Before mid-December, 2016, I was injecting 182 units of insulin daily.  Then I began my adventure with Intermittent Fasting (IF).  Within 78 days of starting IF, I was down to injecting under 10 units of insulin a day and I had lost a lot of weight (from 260 to 227 pounds).  I mostly practiced alternate day fasting and a few longer fasts (5 days is the longest fast I’ve done).  Most of my fasts were from 24-48 hours with a few 72 hour ones.

On my eating days, I eat low carb high fat (LCHF).  I try to keep my diet to a pretty low-carb, ketogenic style of eating.  Here is a link to a nice article explaining the ketogenic way of eating.  This way of eating has really helped my health, I have much less pain, my blood pressure is lower, my coloresterol is better and my weight is down a lot.  See my previous post on my lab tests before and after I began IF.

TITLE:  “Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking”. Time-saving paleo recipes and meal plans to improve your health and help you lose weight.

Author:  Maria Emmerich.  Ms. Emmerich is am international Bestselling Author.

Publisher:  Victory Belt Publishing, Inc. Las Vegas

Where to Purchase: This book is available at many book stores and online.  I personally purchased it on Amazon at a price of over $20.  Its on sale today for $17.82.  That’s a good deal.  Check it out.

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My Healthy Smoothie Recipe

Image of smoothie blending, copyright Microsoft.
Image of smoothie blending, copyright Microsoft.

Drinking my Smoothie

I’m sitting here typing and enjoying my delicious  healthy smoothie.  Since I’m really concentrating on healing my fatty liver right now, I’ve been fixing myself smoothies with healthy ingredients.

I’ve purchased a Hamilton Beach, single serve smoothie blender (not expensive at all, under $20) to use when I make my smoothies.

Here is the recipe I used for this one. Continue reading “My Healthy Smoothie Recipe”